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Sunday, September 27, 2009

TITANIC Obsession [Part Ten]

Forget to mention, I bought this book during Book Fair that day.

It costs me RM10, erm, only? I am not sure whether is it worth it since the book has been published for quite a long time, nearly 10 years or more than that. Yet to start to read on it though. Well, it is a part of my TITANIC collection. Still, looking for TITANIC ship model. Urgh, I need one so badly!

Chua, remember to bring my Titanic Special Deluxe Edition back to UTP later. If not, watch out!

I have registered for CIMB Clicks yesterday. So now, I can manage my finance easier by just few simple clicks away (sound like doing promotion) including booking flight tickets. Have few planning in mind at the moment. Hope it works out. =)
And, I want the Octos! They are so adorable. lol


WK Chua said...

Oh no! I think I might have lost the disc! Just kidding. My sister said thanks. She enjoyed it. :) A lot better than watching on youtube she said. haha

Steward Baba said...

Of coz it is a lot better