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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life is not a Loop

I am losing my spirit to blog. Abandoning the blog for such a long time has made it a natural state for me for not updating it. Guess that lots of things happen lately, which come and go. I am powerless to stop it.

Today has been a not-so-well day. Guess what? For the first time in my life as a university student, I missed my quiz. Reason? OVERSLEPT! Last week happened once and missing one of my lectures yet I was still able to attend the replacement on the next day. This time, I am not sure if there is any replacement for it but frankly speaking, I don’t even care if there is any. I just don’t bother to retake the quiz anyway. I am not sure why but this is what my mind told me. Huh, is this the beginning of something? By the way, have to say, Fluid Mechanics lectures is getting boring, unfortunately. The passion in the class is not as much as before because the lecturer is not expected as him to be. How sad.

It was like 15 or 20 minutes before time where I was about to start my way from my room to my Structured Programming lab, it was raining, HEAVILY. Only with a small umbrella in my hand, I just walked. My bag, my trousers, my socks were wet except for my leather shoes. My legs were soaked in water for more than three hours as class of the day only ended 3 hours later. While walking to the academic block, there were cars passing by but they didn’t even bother to stop by and fetch, even there was only the driver in the car. Heavy downpour is one of the tests. Conclusion: Humans are blind and typically selfish.

Today was a bad day but not yesterday. Everyone kept on mentioning about yesterday since the date was 09.09.09. Despite of all the tests, it has been good day, all way through except for Structured Programming Test. Kind of screwing it up. Things that I have studied seem like nothing stick in my mind for long except for


using namespace std;

int main( )

return 0;



Hope any day would start and end the way it was yesterday. Then, my day at least would be better than current state it is. This is because only you can really make my day.

End of post. Stay tuned for next update.

*Can’t wait to see you next weekend leh. Hope thing is going on as planned. =)
Wish you could understand.

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