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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, the Transit City

Thought want to update about my post-exam moment as my last post in UTP before leaving for internship. I guess I was too tired when I finished my last paper on Sunday after grueling days of studying. Almost take a nap instantly right after the paper and there was once I thought it is Monday when I woke up. Papers on weekends. All the days were pretty messed up. Busy packing after that. Running stairs up and down for more than five times, carrying my stuff to the extent that my arms became numb. Level 3 is a deadly curse when it comes to packing.

That's that and I'm done with my third year second semester. Time flies. Same old, same old. After 3.5 years of academic commitment at UTP, it's about time to do some hand-on work. Looking forward for my 7-month internship which will start in October. Hopefully it is a right choice, though because the job ain't really related to my program of studies. Worry not, I take it as a new challenge in learning something new. Somewhere. Hopefully. :)

The post title is named so as I am currently at KL Sentral, staying here and later, Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) to fly home tomorrow early in the morning, to the land of Hornbill. It's been months being away from my homeland and I am desperately missing home and can't wait to be there. Earlier in the morning I was doing my Visa application. It went well, I guess and I can only hope that there is no complication during the process to get it approved. If not, I would have to fly back to KL to have it settled. :S

Went KLCC to hang out with my friend to spend the remaining time of the day. Watched Contagion which is surprisingly disappointing despite of the good rating. It is not just the fact that Kate Winslet died in the movie but the plot evolves around a circle. No rising action, no climax. A little overrated.

Okaaay, I'm feeling sleepy now and a hot Starbucks chocolate doesn't help me much to keep me awake.

See you all later.

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