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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DE and CE

I like Mathematics to the max.
I am very enthusiastic when I am doing my Differential Equations assignments.
I am very excited when I am doing my Differential Equation tutorial exercises (even though the lecturer never discuss the questions with us)
I cure my boredom and loneliness by studying Differential Equations.
I am very curious how are the formulae given in the textbooks derived.
I want understanding, not mere memorizing.

I don't like Chemistry assignments.
I never do my Chemistry tutorial exercises. (Even though the GA will discuss the exercises with us.)
Sometimes I just memorize the formulae given. I am lazy to know how are they derived.
Studying Chemistry makes me feel sleepy.

If I could love Chemistry and other subjects as much as I love Differential Equations.....
Nothing is perfect.

Passion is the one matters. It is not the duty that you hold as a student.
God bless me. ;)



Anonymous said...

*giggles:) I dislike Chem too

Steward Baba said...

I take Chemical Engineering. Need to learn to love it. :)