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Sunday, March 29, 2009

End of Holiday

Finally, mid-semester break comes to an end. Well, practically, none of my days here so far is a real holiday to me, with all those works. That is the way I perceive it, at least. Even though I was not able to go back to my home sweet home during this holiday, I do feel grateful and blessed to be given the opportunity to attend the 5-day STE. I am thankful, really. Those moments are truly irreplaceable. Only God knows how much I treasure those times.

After this, daily schedule will be more packed. 5 weeks left before our study week. Second round of tests, assignments, quizzes etc. will be squeezed within this short period of time. With other upcoming events, guess things may get out of hand. Well, with good time management, everything will work out fine, I hope. There is no room for stress and frustration at this point. All of us must be alert to bear with the approaching challenges. Don't forget to have fun and indulge yourself, everyone.

May not write as often after this but will try my best to update. No promise.
God bless everyone. ;)

*Sometimes we choose to live with lies so that we can be happy.
BUT, I am strong enough to bear with the truth to get through the day, because I have changed.


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