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Monday, March 9, 2009

Things pop into my mind

Time is ticking constantly, and it will never stop. Shall appreciate the moment you have now, and you will never know whether you have the chance to experience the next moment of your life.

Okay. Cut this out. Time to be serious. Now I am entering eighth week of my undergraduate studies. I still have 7 weeks of lectures to go before final exam. Wow! It is hard to believe that I am already half way there. Even though my schedule is packed, with assignments, tests, projects and stuff, frankly, I do enjoy the hectic of studies life. Really have to keep this motto: ‘Enjoy studies life to the max!” since you only have studies life once. Should realize this fact from the beginning and cherish every single second of it. Wondering what will happen toward the end of my final year? It will surely be a nostalgia, be it sweet or bitter. Too soon to talk about it though. Think a lot when I am alone.

Stress, breakdown, disappointment are parts of studies life, come on, deal with them. Don’t let them condemn you. Pull yourself together and try again. Well, I find this is kind of enjoyment, too. Call me insane, whatever, I am just trying to be more optimistic. =)

Long time I didn’t stay this late. Today is public holiday, no class to attend. So, can stay awake even later. Just done with my assignments and tutorial exercise, yet still have others in the list waiting for me to accomplish them. Some more, this week I will be having 3 tests in one day. Wondering why I am not in stress mode now. Perhaps it is my inborn personality: to procrastinate and only stress one day before. Until then, enjoy the free time.

Been busy during weekdays, I have fallen in love with weekends more than ever, the only free time that I have. Free in terms of free from lectures and classes but not from work definitely. That why we are given 2 days off, just to finish up what is given during the 5-day class. Anyway, still love weekends.

I just write stuff that run into my mind at this moment and also, just to update this blog. Kind of feeling guilty for abandoning it quite a while, but I will never leave it alone. That is a promise. Blame the lousy internet connection and my schedule, and not forgetting, my own laziness, sometimes. Will try to get blog spirit back to update it daily. Miss the blogosphere, reading others’ blogs. Seems like I have left out. Gonna catch up.

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