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Monday, August 31, 2009

Less is More

Perhaps this is the concept or principle that I am trying to uphold at the moment. A good example will be blogging. I used to blog everyday but not anymore: hectic schedule, impromptu tasks, resting period (I mean, real rest as in napping or sleeping) keeping me occupied 24/7. And, quality is more worthy than quantity. =)

Sound ironic but these three little words, “Less is more” has its own huge significance, in almost every aspect of lives. People are greedy. They always want more. Just to say, I am one of them sometimes. I complaint things are never enough. Yesterday for example, I was so down. My emotions were overwhelmed. Merely because I didn’t get the things that I want. I was sort of tired. Tired of waiting. Waiting for things to happen. I am so hard-headed, if I am allowed called myself like that. I think I am, anyway.

I get to realise is the least moment that I get to spend brings the utmost importance part in my life. Wish I could ignore all these negative thought.

And, you have made my day again. ^.^


So, ya, today is 31st of August, our national Independence Day. The heat of celebration is not felt in my campus. The atmosphere is very silent and could only hear miserable fireworks (quote from Eric) from the town nearby. It is just getting dull, year by year. But, actually, this Independence Day is only true for Peninsular Malaysia since Sabah & Sarawak only joined on 16 September 1963. This is 52nd Independence Day but this year is just 46th for East Malaysia.

I have nothing much to say. No country is perfect. We would always admire developed countries but we will never get to know what are their internal conflicts and riots behind those glorious achievement. Have to admit, our country, well, has a lot of dramas but don’t let this blind you from all the good things it has. Accept and tolerate, and stop complaining. This is where you were born and raised. Our leaders could be stupid but as long as we are not being misled and not be as stupid as them, then things will be just fine. :)

Wish Malaysia HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY.
May my beloved country will strike to achieve its vision, whoever the Prime Minister is. HAHA.
Does PETRONAS Twin Tower make you feel proud? =)

*Oh, it is almost 5.00am. Going to wake someone up.

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