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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Finally, month of October is here! Other than April, this is my favourite month. Only me myself know the reason why. :)

Despite of the busy month it will be:
1. 5 Oct - Dateline for Engineering Graphics Project
2. 7 & 9 Oct - CheExposium
3. 8 Oct - Fluid Mechanics Test
4. 12-14 Oct - OctoberFest
5. 21 Oct - IMSE Project

Yet to include impromptu assignments, second round of test to be squeezed within this remaining week as our final will start on 11 Nov. Seem to be long way to go. Actually, it is not. Time has been flew too fast. Next 5 weeks will just pass by in no time.

Now, we are complaining how freaking busy we are.During holidays, we will whine how bored we are. Oh well, this is part of life.

Conclusion: Enjoy life, no matter what happens. Don't let those pouring work ruin your day. :)

#Random 1:

The flight was so shaky during the day I was flying back to KL. It came to a sudden descent like moment after taking off. Approaching KL, the flight was undergoing through some turbulence due to the bad weather.

#Random 2:

Cute monkey in my car. lol

#Random 3:

Found this when I was doing shopping with my mum.
Hope this cheers him up. =)

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