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Friday, May 28, 2010

Calculator Maniac

Computational Methods or we called it in short, C.M. was the paper yesterday. Had it at Chancellor Hall. Frankly, I was rather disappointed. No, it is not because of the paper itself. The paper was, hmm, up to my expectation. Made some careless calculations though. It is just so typical in Maths subject. I miss the time I used to get perfect score for Add Maths back in high school. XD Hmm, if my steps are counted in marking, I could get 100% score too. =D

Oh, back to the disappointment. Nah, nothing much. It is just that the hall wasn't as icy cold as it used to be. LOL! I was sitting in the front row and I felt nothing despite that the air condition is right in front of me. Prepared my only-bring-it-here-for-exam-in-chancellor-hall-exam jacket was in vain. Okay, I am so blur. I have no idea or what I suppose to talk about. -.-"

Anyway, 2 papers down, another 2 go. Next paper is on Monday. THERMODYNAMICS, nightmare!
And I am slacking right now. This is not good. Roommate is studying hard besides me. :S

Can someone give me some motivation, please? IRC closed today due to Wesak Day, that's why no mood studying lor. What an excuse! >.<

*Computational Methods = C.M. = Calculator Maniac = Careless Mistakes XD
**I need to learn to let go. I can't possibly hold on to everything. I just can't. =(
***Another one week to go leh. Wish the time passes by a bit slower right now.

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