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Monday, May 24, 2010

Critical Point

My friend told me that I am not updating blog as often as I used to. Well, if you have been checking my past posts, back in 2008 and 2009, I updated my blog almost daily: be it random, informative, emotional posts, anything that I would want to blog. As time goes by, the urge of blogging is slowly fading. Just like a graph of function ln x, my passion in blogging is getting less and less. Oh, if you have no idea how the graph looks like, I have the picture to show you. lol xD

As you can see, the gradient is approaching zero. This is just how I feel about it. I guess I am reaching the critical point. Ah, I am talking so "mathematically". Pardon me if you don't understand. hehe...

Not just blogging, this also applies to all my other internet activities. I may be login into my Facebook, but I just merely check on the updates from my friends and leaving posts or comments on Friends' Wall. I no longer play the applications which sometimes I find it is kind of time-wasting. Last time used to play My Heroes Ability and Restaurant City and stayed up whole night playing just for the sake of leveling up. Duh! =.=

Anyhow, I will always keep this blog updated from time to time to keep you all updated. :D If you see the bloggers list in the right column, some of their last updates are like 4-6 months ago. That is even worst. XD Mine at least has a minimum of 2 posts in a month.

Oh ya, my current update. Well, study week has come to an end, a week ago to be exact. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am having 2-week of study week. My first paper will be this upcoming Tuesday. Ah, it is tomorrow! Woohoo~ lol (-.-") Despite of the disappointing coursework marks, I do try to think positively as much as I can for things that happen. It was my fault for not doing well in my studies. No one to blame. No point regret also because it cannot change anything. So, from now on, do my best in everything to cover up the loss (lol) and be optimistic. I am looking forward for my final paper. No guarantee I am well-prepared but at least I try. =D

25 May - Separation Process 1 (Proses Pemisahan 1)
27 May - Computational Methods (Kaedah Pengkomputeran)
31 May - Thermodynamics (Termordinamik)
2 June - Process Heat Transfer (Process Pemindahan Haba)

Saja-saja with the Malay name. XD
2 days after my exam ends, it will be OBS for one week in Lumut. (5 - 11 June). Kind of excited. Just hope I can stand the heat and get through all those vigorous physical activities. Well, I am FIT to go though. lol

I will be flying back home on 12 June. Can't wait, another 3 weeks. This is my main driving force to keep me going right now. =)

I guess this update will stop here. Wish me luck in final, I wish you all luck in final. Strike for the best. Ganbatte yo~

*Went to Ipoh on last Saturday. Budget to spend was RM1oo and in the end, I spent up to RM200. The joy of overspending. lol
**I am not sure why. Just food for thought: Is there anything wrong if to have a close friend? I can't really understand why some people make fun of it as if it is some kind of joke. You think is it easy to manage relationship and keep things together constantly? It is not, I tell you.

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