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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Things about Me

Finally I am done with assignment and report, for now. Look at the time, it is now 2.12 am. Tomorrow I will be having my Differential Equation quiz yet have not doing any revision. Think will do it tomorrow, I mean, later. Doing this tag to relax myself, and to ease my stress.


I was tagged by Jzune in Facebook but I think I shall do the tag here, in my blog in which I think it is where it belongs to.

I cannot access into my Facebook account at the moment due to typical lame internet connection of my hostel. But somehow the tag question asks to list 25 facts about me.

So, here it goes. (you may know some of them)

1. I am not a boy, not yet a man.
2. I am a Sarawakian.
3. I am a mixed of Iban and Chinese.
4. I speak more in Chinese (Mandarin to be more specific) compared to Iban.
5. I am the eldest with four younger brothers whose age are ranged from 6 to 17 in the year of 2009.
6. I am taking Chemical Engineering in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS under PETRONAS scholarship. (frankly, still hesitate myself whether I have chosen the right path)
7. I like chocolate (cakes, bar, drinks, you name it) but don’t have chocolate-color attire though.
8. I am damn thin. BMI lower than normal range. I am underweight. Having low appetite.
9. I am a quite big fan of Titanic, the movie and its history, too.
10. I prefer female singers compared to men. High pitch attracts me.
11. I like Mathematics subject more than any other subjects.
12. I hate subjects which need memorizing (even though the teachers keep insisting it is more to understanding which I find it is less true)
13. I am addicted to online, currently especially Facebook.
14. I am not a student who studies all the time but still care much about my result. Am a last-minute kind of person.
15. Just realize that I am a guy who gets stress quite easily and hard to ease it.
16. I always compared myself with others in everything, not jealous but envy.
17. Do feel grateful of what I have at the moment. It can be better but I am contented enough.
18. I am a guy who always thinks negative about everything: studies, relationship, stuff. Pessimistic.
19. I get emotional easily but ironically, easily feel happy too over little things.
20. Things in my life somehow work in a funny way. I am not sure about others who may experience the same thing. When I expect things to happen, it does not. Then, I become emotional. When things happen out of my expectation, the emotional fades and happiness appears. It is just like a chain of event.
21. So, I do believe that “rainbow after the rain”.
22. Always choose to be alone even though I real need a companionship sometimes. (Feel that it is a common sense for others to see that you are lonely. I would say I am quite selfish in this matter. When others get to realize after you voice out, to me, sincerity is gone)
23. There is always someone in my mind when I am alone. Usually it will always be the same person. *secret*
24. Sometimes I feel that I care too much about others but they don’t see it. I am not expecting anything in return though. There is time that I feel disappointed because of this.
25. Has always been single. Never been in a relationship before but not sure whether I really need one now. Valentine is coming soon. Am not desperate, mind you.

Guess this is good enough. As if I am a making a resume for something. That’s all.

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