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Monday, February 9, 2009

Rapid Transition

Somehow life would have a rapid change in a split of a second. Suddenly, I have lots of things to do. It is not that I am not postponing anything (okay, may be I did a bit). Everything just comes in one go. A bit stressful at the moment. Skipping to do my assignments, tutorials and stuff. Not in real mood to do everything.

Everyone feels the same. Some say the courses are so tough. I admit it is true. I am scared myself that I may not be able to catch up. Perhaps my old studying method is no longer effective for undergraduate studies. I may need to synchronize myself to suit the demand of the current situation.

Keep on reminding myself,
"Be strong, Steward. You can do it!"

Perak Government falls. My Uni is in the state. Wondering anything would happen? No time to care about that though.

It is fifteenth day of the month. Damn the time passes damn fast. Anyway, wish everyone


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