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Friday, February 13, 2009

It is Weekend!

I have started to really appreciate my weekend more than ever. Schedule on weekdays really damn busy with all those lectures and walking from one building to another. It is fun but I do need some rest too. The only time that I can do so is WEEKEND. Yes, finally it has come.

Tomorrow is Valentine Day, a day for the couples to celebrate their day. The single me will celebrate my single life. Now being single is a bless, no much commitment to deal with. Studies has put enough pressure on me now. Better focus on my studies and be more active with my Uni events.

Still have FRIENDS, right? =)


*Saw a poster today. It quotes, "Avoid valentine day. It has the characteristics of Christianity and maksiat"
I was like WTF. These people are damn low life or even worse, LIFELESS.
Guess what? I tear the paper into pieces and scattered all around the floor. Who cares?

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G said...

from jakarta with love :) happy valentine's day :)