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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What goes wrong?

Not really stress over my studies now. Feel kind of relief after accomplishing those assignments. Yet, still have something wandering in my mind. The heart now feels so heavy. But, no one will ever notice. Even they do, they won't know how to comfort you. That is so pathetic. Being emotional now? What do you think?

I think I have put lots of effort in something but the outcome always disappoints me, to the max! I think they don't really get you. As I said, things only come when you don't expect it. I may feel happy about it though. But, when I need it, where are they?

I may get angry easily when I don't get the things that I want. I think I am lousy to be a bad person. I could not risk myself to be angry over someone. I am very soft-hearted, I suppose. Would not be staying angry for long, even though I want them to know how hurt I am somtime. They have no idea how much I am suffered inside. Wondering whether they are being inconsiderate or what? Perhaps to them, this is just normal. Meaning, I am being abnormal.

But, I am not blaming them for anything. It is my fault, too. Sometimes I am just carried away and get moody. Someone may get notice but they will never know why.

Feel like want to cry out loud but wondering, is it worth it? Start to feel so hopeless.


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