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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine

The single me has spent my Valentine with my friends in my own Uni.

I was helping my friend to do some paper work for the upcoming Regional Conference Humanities (RCH2009) which will be on next Wednesday. For the first time, I have the opportunity to enter the administration building of our Uni, which is located above our grand library, Information Resource Center (IRC).

View from top floor


Some of the office
Laura, Wee Kheng, and I, accompanied by our former English lecturer, Mr. Ridhuan Tony Lim were there for almost one whole day to print and organize the documents for the event. Frankly, it has been tiring and boring, to wait for the machine to finish its printing before we pile everything together. The machine is very sophisticated though. It scans, prints, then staples the document. So high tech and advcanced, first time seeing such machine.

Cool, eh?

While waiting, we took photos.

Laura, me, Wee Kheng

Waiting for the machine...


on-the-floor air conditioner (don't know the exact term)

Some view

Reading one of the printed research paper. (He says it is for Academic Writing)

machine and Laura

Wee Kheng and I

Mr. Ridhuan also brought along his baby son, too. His baby is so cute, makes me miss my "baby" brother at home. Wee Kheng and I have spent some time to play with him.

He refuses to smile.

Baby in his troller

Being naughty

Wee Kheng crawled together with baby

Around 5.45pm, the machine finally was out of toner which required a replacement for the cartridge. But, we didn't have any at that time. So, we stopped and started to leave.

It's been tiring and boring but did enjoy spend our time there though. I will definitely miss the little fella.

Last shot of the day


Something EXTRA..... What do chemical engineers do when they are bored in a class?

Wondering why, why must the lecturers for my core subjects must be lousy one? Why? I don't really get what my lecturers say, eventhough I pay my full attention.

So, rather than listening to the lecturers, I just grabbed Wee Kheng handphone and took photos.

Boring class.

Pretend only...

Real sleeping.

Studying on her own

Day dreaming

A couple of chemical engineers

Well, life has been real fun, as I always said, so far.


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SJ said...

ok..your uni's environment is seriously better than mine -_-
in PJ not the one in Kampar, cuz the one in Kampar i have yet to see..LOL