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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ipoh Mali

A brief update after back from my exhausting yet great trip with University buddies. Will update soon if I could, yet to get the photos from others since I didn't bring along my camera. Still in the state of settling down at the moment. Will back to blogging in a short while. Getting busy at the same time with stuff and all, since less than 10 days time I will be back to UTP. Frankly, can't wait for that. :)

Anyway, today is about my dear friend from Ipoh, Yi Herng, my coursemate, the chemistry king, a part of the DoTA clan of the batch and the list goes on. It is his birthday. Just drop by to wish him a very happy birthday. He is currently in Miri. Sarawak Trip has not ended yet, at least for the guys. Sort of regret I didn't join them.

Surely he has a great moment today, a birthday celebration at East Malaysia.

Me and Yi Herng at First World, Genting Highland last year

Chan Yi Herng,

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