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Monday, July 20, 2009

First Day

Seem like someone expect me to update blog. How touching. haha

Anyway, lecture starts today and has attended my very first lecture, Engineering Graphics. What I heard from seniors is that this is the easiest course for this semester. Well, hope so. Also, my name was the first one to be called by the lecturer, lucky number one. Oh my! He can remember my name. Is my name really that, unique, can stick into someone's mind?

Whole evening was free and I get so bored in the room. Nothing to do. When night falls, I have meeting and need to do the minute. Now I started to get busy. At the same time, I have to arrange timetable for my group. Have it done few moments ago.

Feel so lazy now. Details in later posts. Tomorrow class at 8am. Great! Some issues need to settle as well with the management regarding our timetable, some obvious clashes and wrong timing. So inefficient.

*Sort of disappointed and upset with the arrangement. Will get it over soon.

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