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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Year, Second Semester

Done with the lectures for second day. The day did not start off well, I would say. During my first lecture, there was something wrong with my stomach but I just hold on until the end of it, went back to my hostel and get it settled. Need not further explanation for that.

Back to the topic, time flies, as usual, I am now in first year, second semester of my undergraduate studies and two years from now I will be having my internship. A bit early to talk about it now though. Unable to add any courses this time, I have only 14 credit hours. It's a blessing, I guess. At least I can focus more on non-academic matter. I plan to learn for my driving license this semester.

Courses for this semester:

MEB is the basic course of my program. It is a pre-requisite for courses of upcoming semesters. Cannot tackle this subject well, then my Uni life sure will be doomed. Yet to start our first lecture or lesson since the lecturer only gave a slight introduction and some more, came late for the very first class. Oh well, mostly did since we have no idea the lecturer would want a combined class as we are divided into two groups. Talking about lecturer, the slang reminded of my nightmare during Foundation, Physics lecturer but this one is a better version of him. haha

FM, interesting course I suppose. Our lecturer is new as he has just graduated from Netherland. He is bald, just like my dad. It turns out that he is Sarawakian. A funny guy, that is my first impression. Looking forward to enjoy the class as much as I could, although this course is so "Physics" to me.

EG is claimed to be the easiest course for this semester, supposedly. We'll see later.

SPDS, still could not figure out the rational of learning it but I think it will be a fun course, I hope. Young lecturer, and frankly, hardly to understand my first lecture. Too many terms. I am not so IT-minded. -.-"

IMSE, no idea because class only starts this Thursday. But, heard from those who were taking this subject last semester, it was not that easy. Well, good luck with that.

MEB, FM, SPDS, and EG, all these courses have labs session. This semester, mostly more on practical, I guess. Exciting semester! Courses sound cool, sound so "engineering". Haha. Timetable is yet to be finalized. Three things for sure: No night class, no class after 5pm and no class in Friday's evening. Cheers for that.

Wise lecturers we have this semester, make thing better. Now, I am contented. :)

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