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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Good Start

Well, I hope so. Result has been announced in the middle of last night. Finally. After all the rumors and unconfirmed news regarding this matter, the butterflies in my stomach can really stop flying, at least less vigorous than before.

The outcome is out of my unexpectation in which I thought I have screwed my final. Get a bit disappointed over some of the papers for not getting the result I desire for, but I am still grateful. It could be better. Anyway, it is just the beginning of undergraduates. I have another 3.5 years before graduating. Surely, I would like to graduate with first-class honour degree. There are still times for me to prove myself that I can do it. Everyone can.

Oh ya, forget to tell, I get into Dean's List by the way. :)

*Aim for 4 flat for next sem until my final year. haha

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