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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


No, I am not going to post in Chinese language even though the title of this particular post is in Chinese. Moreover, my writing skill in Chinese, I believe has been deteriorating all these years after my primary school studies. I get "A" for my Chinese paper in my UPSR while I was primary six.

It was the title of a Taiwan drama that I have watched before, which means "The Kid From Heaven". Before I proceed, in fact, I love to watch drama series actually but not as obsessed as those drama kings and queens. I only watch when I feel like it. I used to watch Hong Kong, Singaporean, Taiwan and Korean drama. But I find that Singaporean drama is getting boring in which all the story lines are similar. The only difference is the background or the community of the characters inside the drama; it can be army, nurses, policemen & policewomen or just an ordinary society. BORING! Hong Kong, Korean and Taiwan dramas still have my attention.

Back to the drama, "天堂来的孩子" or "The Kid From Heaven" is the most touching Taiwan drama that I have seen. This drama has been released about 2 years ago but the impact still remains in me. Basically, it is a story of love, conflict and dilemma of a little boy to get his family back together. The young child is really a gifted actor, I must say. He is so natural in his acting. When he cries, I also cry. And he was only six while the drama was still in production.

Anyway, this drama is worth-watching and I just want to share it with you. While I was browsing through others' blog, I saw them did provide links to download any form of media directly from their posts. Since I am still new, I am not sure which website is the safest for downloading purposes. This blog is meant for sharing though. However, if you have any recommended websites, please do share with me so I can provide convenience for my later posts.

I have embedded the opening credit of the drama in this post. Hope you enjoy watching it. The song is nice. The title of the song is 黑夜明天 (Hei Ye Ming Tian) by 李威 (Lee Wei), one of the casts in the drama. (but not the front part definitely and I am pretty sure you can guess who is the little singer)

Pictures of the drama/casts

李威 (Lee Wei)

陳怡蓉 (Chen Yi Rong)

汪政緯 (Wang Zheng Wei)

高以翔 (Gao Yi Xiang)

隋棠 (Sui Tang )

黃鴻升 / Huang Hong Sheng
Also known as: 小鬼 (Xiao Gui) - direct translation will be "little ghost"

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