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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fanatic Facebookers vs Friendsterians

OK, may be I sound dramatic in this post but just want to tell you anyway.

I was just browsing my friends' friends in my Facebook. I was just randomly clicking on them to view their profiles and eventually this particular "facebooker", I found that he has more than 1000 friends. I mean, that is the biggest number of Facebook's friends that I ever encounter. Those figures are very common in Friendster but for Facebook, I was a bit astonished by it.

Friendster, in my own opinion, more like a "Friends collector". No, I am not degrading those who have Friendster account since I have one of my own. I am saying this because in Friendster, I can say it is easy to simply add anyone as your friends, or "friends". I saw a lot of Friendsterians having more than 1000 or even 2000 friends in their account until their list is full. Then, they open another account to add some more. I was like, OMG! Are they really sincere in making friends or simply adding for fun so that others will be like "Wow!" while checking through their profile? Funny! I never feel it that way.

On the other hand, in Facebook, you hardly can just simply add friends since the security setting is much more complicated and tight. If you click on a person to view his or her profile, you rarely have the chance. The following dialogue box will pop up. So, it will be like, you will be thinking twice to really add, at least to me. By the way, this is the default setting of Facebook to control the members' privacy.

Unless if she or he has changed the security setting, profile can by accessible other Facebookers. You can start making friends in Facebook by sending them messages. If they do the reply, you will be given one month period to access their profiles (this is for those accounts with default setting). From there, you take step. I have made one great friend by this way. Really thank God to have the chance to know him. This is my own personal story. Yours? You decide.

If I am not mistaken, Facebookers' profiles can only be seen by those who have Facebook accounts as you have to log in to view. In Friendster, even though you don't have one, you still can view other profiles, anonymously, with the status, "not-log-in". Facebookers will never know who their viewers are, I think but in Friendster, yes. So, sometimes I feel that those particular group of Friendsterians, will take advantage of this to add their non-friend viewers. This is what I think is happening but I am not so sure though.

I guess this is why I was a bit surprised to see the number of friends of that particular Facebooker. Perhaps he has his account for a long time, may be. Well, all I can say is, be sincere in making friends. Treasure them, don't just have them. =)

p/s You may be thinking, "This guy is so outdated! Everyone knows about this". Yes, I admit that I am a pathetic outdated guy. What can I do? I just have the urge to share this with you. :)

*"Facebookian" sounds funny, so I use the suffix, "-er" instead. As for "friendsterian", I saw my friend use this term, so I just use it as what it is.*

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