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Thursday, September 18, 2008


For this one, I will be answering my own poll. *If I were to be asked by those questions.*

1. Heard of Titanic?
You must be joking. Who hasn't?
This movie has been released for more than 10 years and it will be ridiculous if anyone never heard of it, unless you were just born yesterday.

2. Your favourite character is....
Jack & Rose Dawson.

3. Which part of the movie that interest you most?
Both of them - Sinking Titanic & Love between Jack and Rose
If Sinking Titanic alone, it will be boring as we may not have the chance to witness the misery of Titanic's victims through these two main characters. Plus, I am attracted to the true love in which they portray in the movie.
If Love between Jack & Rose alone, then it will be no different compared to other love movies. Mix these two together, MEGA MOVIE!!!

4. I cry after watching it. You?
Why Jack has to be dead in the end? Why?
Even though, I have watched Titanic lots of times and I know Jack will die in the end. This may sound ridiculous, everytime I watch the earlier part of the movie, it will never cross my mind that Jack will die, at least before the ship hits the iceberg, and I will be hoping that he will survive till the end of it. (That's simply impossible, unless they change the ending for the sake of me. Haha....) It looks so perfect in the beginning but ironically, the ending is a sad one.

5. How many times have you watched Titanic?
Before that, I realise that the figure in the poll may be a bit exaggerating. I think no one get fanatic as I do. (Is there?)
I start watching Titanic since it was first broadcasted in Star Movies back in 1999, 0n 31 December. I would never miss it ever since every time the movie hit my TV screen. No one can stop me! Few years after, ASTRO didn't broadcast anymore, until today. When TV3 showed the movie again while I was in form 3 during the Valentine Dayif I am not mistaken, desperate me looking for the VCD in town. Manage to get it, watch it every day. It has been like a routine for me to watch it daily. I can even memorise the sequence, scene, and lines of that 3-hour movie, errr...., may not be completely, almost though.
How many times I have watched it? COUNTLESS!

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