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Friday, September 5, 2008

Time Flies ~ Turn Back Time

I can't believe that another week has passed me by, again without I am really aware of it. The lecture during last Tuesday is still fresh in my mind as if as this week has just started. Well, I guess time flies while we all were struggling doing all those non-stop-piling-up assignments and damn long reports to be handed in. From the bright side, the faster it goes, the sooner I can go back home. Yeah! 3 weeks to go though.

Anyway, we cannot turn back time and can only cheer and treasure every second of our short lives.

Quote from KungFu Panda:
"Yesterday is history;
Tomorrow is mystery;
Today is a gift,
that's why we call it as present"
*I hope I get it right*

Aqua - Turn Back Time

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