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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day Out to Bintulu, the One & Only Mall

It was on 6 October, Monday. Next day I would be leaving for UTP. Just want to spend this day with my beloved family members before heading back. I won't talk much. Let the pictures do the job. =)

On the way... in the car (brother, me, cousin)

~emo picture XD~ (brother)

Before going to the mall, we went to the nearest petshop to buy some food for the hamsters and we found this lazy pussycat doll. Guess what? She never opened her eyes even for one second throughout the time we were there. Just sleep, sleep like a lazy pig. =.="

Anyway, we proceeded to the mall.

Purposely showing my left cheek..... red spots on my right =P

Err... not really yet. We went to this shop to buy some souvenirs for my Uni friends and get myself a bracelet.

Okay, now >>>>> MALL.

No! Photos first. XD

UTP umbrella.... against the wall

At last.....

This small mall is big enough for Bintulu people

Post-lunch at Mary Brown

I saw a tag on the wall, "FREE PUBLIC WIFI........" and I just found out about it that day. I was like WTFH!!!

Have some pearl milk tea.

No much pictures in the mall because it's too small XD
But we spent about 2 to 3 hours inside.

Then, we left.

This was the usual bookstore that provided the Wi-Fi service where I used to online here before but not anymore.

But, the Pearl Milk Tea sold here quite nice. So, I tapao one home for mommy.

They were waiting for me. =.=

Oh well, it's easy to please them, you see. =)

Waiting at the bus stop......



We did this.


Finally, the bus came.
I miss this bus. It is way much better than General Bus in Ipoh. Seriously.

Last shot of the day.

Oh dear. Can't write more. I miss them already. :")


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