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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mahathir is coming!

I was browsing through my Uni elearning website to catch up with latest news and I found this!

Some of you may know already, TunDr Mahathir Muhammad is the chancellor of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS aka UTP. He will be the one giving scrolls away to the graduates during the convocation.

Apparently, he will be giving the special lecture to UTPian next week on the topic, NATIONAL IDENTITY AND POWER SHARING. The title isn't that fascinating to me but Mahathir is well-known for being a spontaneous vocal speaker. For sure, the talk will be an interesting one to attend to.

Last semester, we have Raja Nazrin Shah for the special lecture session. He talks about "THE CHALLENGES OF HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT" and seriously, it bored me. It may be because of the content or the monotonous tone of the speech which made me drool .

"Ampun Tuanku. Patik tiada niat untuk menghina Tuanku. Patik cuma berterus-terang dan tidak bisa menjadi seorang hipokrit."

Anyway, I am just anticipating that day to come. First encounter with Mahathir.

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