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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kuching Trip : Family Reunion

Our family went to Kuching on 1st October, not by plane. My father drove instead. It was a 10-hour ride. Sarawak here, doesn’t have north-south highway like Peninsular does. Too broke to have one.

Anyway, all of us have to wake up at 4.3o am with all our heavy eye lids which seem to be so lazy to be opened. We (the brotherhood :) only went to bed at 2.30am. Oh well, we slept in the car. We left at 5.30.

Stopped at Selangau Rest Stop for breakfast. It has been a typical stop for our family whenever we travelled. It is only a humble town but never judge a book by its cover, there are more to be discovered. Selangau is famous for its “Kasam Babi” as my parents will never miss the opportunity to stop there to buy some. As the name speaks of itself, it is non-halal. I myself personally don’t like it also because “kasam” food is somehow too salty for me. If you are confused, kasam is an Iban word which means salted.

Selangau shoptlots

View of the nearest river.... long time I didn't have my boat ride already :(

Later, I slept all the way, for the next few hours before reaching Simunjan junction. What happened throughout the journey, I am not so sure. But I heard there was an accident. Raya holidays, everybody was rushing balik kampung.

This trip was more like Jejak Kasih thingy. My mother managed to contact with her long lost family members after being adopted away for 38 years. Personally, I am not really sure how does it feel for not meeting one another for that long. As for me, even being away for a while just to pursue my studies outside of my hometown already has my emotion gets over me. The feeling is indescribable, I suppose.

Anyway, at Simunjan junction, we got to see her younger brother. Oh dear! The atmosphere was so emotional. Imagine my mommy never gets to see him and I don’t think she can recognize him either. He recognizes my mommy instead because she has posted our family photos to him. When they saw each other, they hugged and as usual, my mommy was shedding tears. I was standing at side, watching them. Control my tears from rolling down…… *sob*

After a little chit chat, we left to Kuching as all other family members were there. Before that, we have a little photo shoot. I look ugly in jeans. =.=”

One hour and a half later, we finally reached 7th Mile, where my aunty lives. Apparently, my grandparents and another uncle were also there. They came all the way from Samarahan just want to see us. And the whole emotional scene was playing again. I still remembered my grandpa said to my mommy, “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Afterwards I will cry also….” As for me and my other brothers, were still feeling odd though to see the newly-met families.

About an hour later, another Aunty came all the way from Lundu (about one-hour drive from Kuching) to see us too. Gosh! I can say this is truly a whole family reunion. That night, all of us went to have dinner at the nearest restaurant and some photo shoot! =)


Lo and behold. There is another surprise yet to be revealed. Apparently, I have another uncle who was adopted as well, by my grandpa’s Malay friend. Since it was Raya season, we went to Lundu to visit them. First time I saw my uncle, he is so like a Chinese (in fact, he is) though being raised in a Malay family. He can’t speak Chinese. He told us that, whenever he goes to shops, he should be the first one to do the talking first. No, not being rude or something because others will start talking Chinese to him and of course, he is blur. Look at the photos below. If you never get to know him (the guy in blue shirt), for sure you will think he is a Chinese.

Afterward, we went to look for my cousins. I never get to really know them yet. Only acquaintances.

In the end, mommy managed to see her biological parents and siblings except for her big sister who lives in KL. Most importantly, my mommy gets to contact with them right now after a long time. Now I know how big and beautiful my family is. ^_^

Sorry if this post sounds boring. I am bad in expressing myself.


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