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Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Mommy, and Terry

2 persons in my life are celebrating their big day today, 23 October.


(Mommy and uncle)

Mommy, the closest person to me turned 37 this year. Pretty young, isn't she? To be having me, the 18-year-old son, which is the eldest among the five siblings. Back to her time, 19 is considered very matured already to get married compared to nowadays.

Among the five of us, I am the closest and always share everything with her and she will also share her stories with me. Sometimes we also have some sort of open-minded kind of conversation, if you know what I mean. As I told you, I am 18. Despite of the fact that I am always being scolded for my mischief and misbehave, that never change anything between us. Blood is definitely thicker than water, no matter what happens.

I still remember during the last semester, when she and daddy accompanied me for my registration, she was the one who helped to unpack all my luggage and settle up the stuff in my hostel room while I was still listening to a talk. When they about to leave me, mommy held my hand, and..... and........ mommy cried......... *sob* Next few days, she called me. It was a bit odd at first because I didn't hear anything from her before sobbing started fading in. She said she missed me, after seeing some of my stuff that were still left in the house. *sob again.....*

I feel so guilty that I have made her cried twice; once last year and another this year. Just recently actually, during my semester break back in June. I have no intention to hurt her feeling. It is just that sometimes I cannot control myself, my rebellious self where I would start to talk in rude tone to her. After I realised what I have done, the feeling was so awful as she was scolding me and at the same time, she was crying. The whole scene was so emotional and I myself was also shedding tears. Nevertheless, she forgave me in the end, twice as well. I have promised to change myself to be better because deep down in her heart, I know she still loves me and because of that, I don't want that to change because of the silly mistakes that I have done.

Mommy, I wonder if you would be reading this since we don't have internet connection at home but may be someday you will. Just want to say that I am sorry for every bad things that I have done for these 18 years that have hurt you. You were always be there to guide and punish me so that I can be a better me, as what I am today. Without your love, dedication, commitment and caring, I may not be here right now. I realise that I cannot be the "old" me again since I am not by your side as often as before. I promise I will take good care of myself and I won't let Mommy down because I know Mommy puts a big hope on me. No one can change "Baba" in Mommy's heart. I still need you, need you to teach more about this life. LOVE MOMMY ALWAYS. :)



The another person is a newly-met friend of mine who comes from Seremban, Terry Chu.

We get to know each other via Facebook. To be more specific, it is through the popular application, My Heroes Ability (MHA). For those who have Facebook, for sure you will know what I am talking about. I still remember I was the first one to message him for saying thanks for buffing me (if I am telling you, it is actually "Thanks for sharing the exp...", will you get it?) Okay, some of you may get blur of what I am trying to say. I make it this way, I messaged him to say thank you. Hope that is clear enough. Don't ask me thanks for what as you will be more confused. Only me and him know. Haha.....

To think back again, I am so, so lucky to really to get to know him. If I didn't message him that day, I may not have the chance to meet this great guy. Somemore at that moment, I just have my Facebook account (in fact, I don't even know the existence of Facebook until I met Chriss. Grateful enough to meet Chriss, lucky enough to know Terry. Thank God I found them and to have them in my life!) About one week later, he replied and so, our friendship starts to blossom since then.

Even though we haven't met each other, we shared lots of things together. He shares his experience and I share mine. He seems to be never hesitating whenever I ask for him help. I really cannot thank him enough for what he did for me. All I can do is just to give him support and encouragement for whatever he does. We used to message each other via Facebook. Sometimes, we also chat in MSN. Since both of us have each other's number, sometimes we text too. There's one time after I gave him my number while we were chatting, he called me right after that. I was like so shocked, to call me at that particular instant. I wonder whether he was doing a miss call but anyway, I picked it up. And, so that was the first time we heard each other's voices as in real world. He didn't sound as I expected though (no offense, Terry!). Somehow, that call just brings us closer together in some ways.

I would say our frienship is built completely on trust since we never meet each other, yet. In fact, he is 5 years older than me and was a graduate in IT field. He is currently working with Ericson. At first, I would say our friendship was rather odd since he was way older than me since I don't have friends of his age. Even so, those will be my high school and university seniors. Nevertheless, in spite of difference of our ages, he always says that our friendship is magical and I really treasure this 5-months-old friendship. FRIENDS FOREVER. :)

So, today is his birthday. Just want to take this chance to thank him for everything and also wish him.....


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Ripalo Cal said...

haha...its really touching to see friendsip blossoming....=) Enjoy it..appreciate it.