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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Few Days of My Break


After not being able to online during the one-week break, finally I can update this, not to say dying, outdated blog. I guess I have missed a lot in this virtual world.

The usual bookstore that I went to during my previous semester break in which they provide the Wireless Fidelity access (Wi-Fi, in short if you are blurred. I learnt lots from ICIS, I must say) has stopped the service. So, I cannot or hardly can online. To be frank, I didn’t online at all. Very irony for a guy who claimed to be a fanatic blogger and facebooker as being mentioned in Chua’s blog. I think I have to do some counter on his tag post later. Wait and see. Cyber Café? Too costly for me to bear. Seriously.

This post is merely describing what has happened during my break. It’s personal. Go ahead if you want to read. It’s boring, I warn you because it’s me.

26 September
This was the day I flew back to my hometown. Before boarding the plane, there was no announcement regarding the delay the flight. So, I was so thrilled that everything would be going smoothly and on time. Nevertheless, right after I fastened my seat belt, the captain made an announcement in flight. This was unusual. Well, how unusual as it may sound, there was some sort of software down so there would be a delay of departure. AirAsia, I could not whine much. At least, they were cheap, I mean, the fares. So, it was like we have to wait for 50 minutes in the plane. Plus, it was raining outside which may cause further delay. Anyway, I safely reached Bintulu around 4.30pm.

When I arrived at my home sweet home, the first noticeable change that I can see was my pet dog, Buffalo. OMG! He grew up so fast for the past 10 weeks. I wonder if he still remembers me though because he didn’t seem to be excited when seeing me. He just sniffed, sniffed, and sniffed. I don’t blame him, I still love him anyway.

Then, we have another three new members in the family: 3 hamsters! I adore hamsters. They are so cute. Hope I don’t sound like a girl. Just because I am not into sport cars or football, that doesn’t mean I am not a guy. The problem is: the hamsters are not local, so they are not really friendly. They run away whenever I want to hold them. Worst, they bite! I guess I just have to sit back and enjoy watching them scratching, grooming and sleeping. =.=”

The most important thing is: Right after my youngest brother came back from school, he saw me. He smiled. He ran towards me. He opened his arms. He hugged me. Gosh! I was so touched. Later that day, he sticks with me wherever I go. He misses me. =)

27 September
Woke up early. Went to town to see doctor. No big deal. It is just that my pimples on my face getting worse. Reddish spots are so prominent especially on my right cheek. I saw myself in the mirror, and I was like “yuck!” I was given antibiotics, toner and creamers. My goodness! Lots of thing to do just for the sake of getting rid of these irritants on my face. HATE PIMPLES!

Going for a haircut. Buying an anti-hair loss shampoo. My hair is losing, fast. Next time I will be bald. Can’t help it. It’s in my blood. To be more specific, it is coded in my Deoxyribonucleic Acid. (Yay! I still remember what DNA stands for! =P)

Eventually, I have my first non-halal meal of the week. Going for a Bak-Kut-Teh lunch. How I miss chewing those meat in my mouth and feeling the sensation of the taste in my tongue. Yummy….. While enjoying my meal, I saw two of my high school teachers were there. I smiled and “hi-ed” at them. I was kinda shy a bit to approach to have a talk with them though. I still work on my communication skills. Sorry eh, Mr. Sze Kar Yit and Miss Chin Lee Ping. =)

Later, buy a pack of “Bagua” before going home. Miss them too, I mean, the “Bagua”. Hahaha………



Raining in the evening, an ideal time to have siesta. zzzZZZZzzZZzz….

Have dinner at nearest restaurant. Miss my favourite drink, “Teh-C Special”. I don’t think in Peninsular has such drink, at least not in UTP or Ipoh. Lemon Chicken, Japanese Toufu and “Kueh Tiaw goreng basah”<-- I am not sure what is it in English term. Direct translation will be “wet fried kueh tiaw”. =/

Teh-C Special

Fried Kueh tiaw... basah punya... XD

Watch movie, Wall-E at night, at home. Even though the story line was not so clear to me, I like the effect though. The tiny robot is so adorable, I must say. And a bit “starchy”… hint: kanji – Iban word

28 September
Wake up at 11am. I know it was late but I was not really late for anything.

Then, watch “Akeelah and The Bee”. Oh my! I was so moved and inspired by the movie. It was about a little black girl, Akeelah who was talented in spelling bee, struggled to compete at the national level. I came across lots of new words but I hardly can remember all those. It’s like more than 90% of the words that they used for the competition are so foreign to me. “Ratatouille”, “ecdysis” errr…. I guess those are the only words I know. Others, I just feel so @_@. Now, I realize how lousy my vocabulary is.

I really salute Americans much. They are so, so good in everything. Yet, sometimes we keep on criticizing them for the bad things they have done in spite of the good things they bring to the world.

Went for my Sunday service. Miss my church too. They have done some modification. It looks grander than before. I like it. But, no much people attended the mass that day. Perhaps it was too late to perform the Sunday Mass as it was at 5pm, late in the evening, I mean for BM Mass. I am not so sure about others though.

I guess that is about all. You will be sleeping if I write more, as if like labtop is reading you instead of you are reading my blog. Can’t blame you for that.
To be honest. I am still tired. Hardly catch my breath. I don't have enough rest after coming back here yestersay. I have not been here for more than 24 hours even because I only reached my hostel around 12. I have typed this post during the break, just wait until a time to post it up.


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