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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mahathir Speaks!

As some of you may know, Tun Dr. Mahathir came to UTP last week, on 16 October to give a talk on topic, "National Identity and Power Sharing". Click this if you are curious to know a slight content of the speech.

But, the main reason for me to write this post is to share something that is not being mentioned in the provided link. As we all know, Tun Dr. Mahathir is the most iconic vocal politician in our country. Despite of the talk that he gave that day, some of the students took the opportunity (or should I say, take this advantage, can sense my sarcasm?) to ask for his comments regarding the recent politic fuss.

Okay, I admit that I am not really getting myself updated with this politic stuff. As I said, just want to share what I heard that day. But since it is already about one week ago, I will just highlight some of the UNFORGETTABLE WORDS that remains attached in my minds.


First Statement:
Student asked: Badawi stepping down in March 2009....?
Dr. M said: ..... he should have stepped down now.....

and the audience seems to be giving him an applause after he said that. At that moment, I was like OMG! What we have done? Clapping? Erm....... Does this signify anything? I am pretty confused though.

Second Statement:
Student asked: Anuar Ibrahim?
Dr. M said: He is day dreaming.

Third Statement:
Student asked: Rationals of establishment of current opposition party?
Dr. M said: They are just greedy. They only care about power and money rather than bringing this nation to progression.

Forth Statement:
Student asked: 3 persons arrested under ISA?
Dr. M: The Government didn't do any homework. After realising that they didn't have enough proof to arrest her (Teresa Kok), the government then come out, I think, foolish explanation saying that they are protecting her. [Is he indicating that the government is foolish?]

A further elaboration regarding ISA:
Dr. M said, people only get arrested under this act if any tension is felt that may lead to the jeopardy to the society. But, during the recent arrestment, no tension is felt......erm.... kinda forget what he has said. Main point is, the government simply arrested them secara membabi buta sahaja...
If ISA is being enforced precisely, there is no need to abolish it as some students also ask regarding the abolishment of this act.


I guess that is about all that I can remember. I am not sure whether he has left such kind comments in his blog though. Oh well, it will be a bit different to listen from him, LIVELY. =)

I hope ISA won't come and arrest me as I am not the only one who listened to the talk. Everyone did.

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