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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Car Dies

Just want to continue practising with my driving today, alone with no expert's guide. No mom. No dad. Just me. I was not so sure how many times the car engine died even while I was still reversing my car. Need to forward again to get the direction right and started whole over again. Upon reaching the road, I work on my steering. Good angle of turn and rotation but not with the release of the clutch, again. At some point, I forgot to press on accelerator. Again, the engine dead, in the middle of the road. -.-"

Thank God there was no car. If not I would be "hon" and how humiliating would that be. Changed my gear and moved forward. I think I pressed too hard as the car speeded for a while and I didn't hit any dustbin nearby. That's why break is invented. Anyway, I parked safely in the end. Well, it was just that. Guess how far is the distance?

Only 5 or 6 houses away..

just to park it here.

Anyway, went to school this morning to get my SPM certificate. The officer and teacher still recognizes me after more than one year leaving the school. To my surprise, the officer (an old lady) can speak fluent English. I was like, "wow". Guess there is no excuse for us if not able to speak in English, isn't it? Didn't get to see my class teachers since they were still busy with stuff. Miss them. :)

Watched this movie, twice ever since I came back. Nice movie. It is on ASTRO, no longer in cinema since it was released in year 2006. What am I kidding? ASTRO only broadcasted movies like one or two years upon their releases?
Imagine you switch body with opposite sex. How would you feel, huh?

*If I could photoshop and put someone's faces there? That will be so cool. xD

It's Laura birthday.
Happy sweet 19! :)


Leslie Linda said...

Hallo Steward, I used to face the same prob with clutches and brakes back i was a L-driver. Even now, i doubt it that i will not repeat the same mistakes- it's been TWO years since I drove a car!Gambateh. Be a better driver than i am. :D Happy Hols!

Steward Baba said...

Thanks Sis Nabila. Pray hard for that.

Laura said...

Thanks Baba!!