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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It's the third Sunday of June. It's Father's Day. Wish all the dads in the world, "Happy Father's Day".

Daddy, I know we are not close and hardly talk. There are things that Daddy does makes me upset sometimes. Despite all that, I know Daddy loves us. :)



Daddy was away at Johor Bahru, so we didn't do any celebration for that. Today was Indonesia Super Series finals. I can say I watched all the matches. This time, Lee Chong Wei gets the title over Taufik Hidayat. But I find his performance was just so-so. If his opponent was Lin Dan, I think he would have lost, again. Women double was won by Malaysian contigent pair, Chin Ee Hui and Wong Pei Tty. (never heard of them even though they are the top seed)

Anyway, the most breathtaking match would be the men doubles, CHINA vs KOREA. Man, the performance of both teams was really awesome. Most of the rally were fascinating. The smash and defense made were truly breathtaking especially by Lee Yong Dae from Korea. Well, this is the opinion of below average badminton player like me. The Korean pair won, by the way. For your information, Lee Yong Dae also competed in Mixed Doubles, gets into final as well but lost to China.

The winner for woman single is from India, Sainal Nehwal. She defeated Wang Lin from China. She is just 19.

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