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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This will be post with words only. No pictures. No graphics. Just plain text. It will be monotonous.

I won’t say my holiday is boring since I have lots of things to do, actually. No one to blame but me if I am rotting at home and doing nothing. Very hard for me to kick off the habit of sleeping late and waking up late. I can only sleep when the clock passes twelve and same goes for the time to wake up, if you know what I mean. Somehow my biological clock has distorted. The homeostasis of my body is not able to revert to its normal state. How pathetic. I need regular sleep, please.

My BMI is not normal, it is below normal range actually. Thinking of getting some fat so that my width is proportional to my height. Think that my body itself prefers staying thin. Some more, two months without Starbucks, Secret Recipe and Big Apple is kind of torture for a guy like me who comes from a humble town which doesn’t have much fancy restaurants yet get exposed to these. And no bowling court for me to bowl. Another torture.

The Gawai season is still on and so whole my family members was out to “ngabang” (visits friends & relatives’ houses) but I choose to stay at home. Somehow I do feel that the heat of celebration is getting lesser and lesser, year by year. I am not mentioning Gawai alone,same goes for others. Think that the modernization starts to take over the tradition that we used to have while celebrating these festivals. Invention of new gadgets and the progression of this technology become the new interests of youngsters these days. Not to mention that I myself fall for it. Nevertheless, I am still glad that everyone is still able to gather to celebrate the big days together. We should always remember where we come from.

Free from assignments, projects, lab reports, books or whatever something-to-do-with-studies makes me get addicted to play games lately either PC Games or those applications in Facebook. The only PC Game that I am playing now, well, is none other than O2jam. Discover a lot of songs that I like. It is getting fun. And, The Sims 3 has been officially launched yesterday. I am dying to play it right now. Very, very desperate. I am back in playing My Heroes Abilities in Facebook. Now my day is occupied by games, for now.

Thinking of reading the lecture notes that I download from DC++ that day, IMSE & SPDS. Am I crazy or what?

*I dreamed that I get 2.5 for this semester. Has strong instinct that it will happen. Or may be worse, who know?


WK Chua said...

I bought a Sims3 dvd before the official released date and it can't run on my computer. Regretting it now =.= I'm wondering how much the original game will cost?

Steward Baba said...

The official date is 2nd June. When you buy it?

Bring it to UTP next sem. who knows, may work on mine? xD