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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop Blogging

#1: Writer's Block?
I am not really into blogging lately. I am not a blogger who blogs about politics, economy, social et cetera that do not influence my life so greatly. I am not that ignorant though. I know that Malaysia is now having its sixth Prime Minister already (but still feel like he is the fifth one, may be because "Pak Lah" did not hold the post long enough or Mahathir became the PM for too long.) Not to say they don't have some significant effects. I have been a blogger for a year and as you can see, I have been posting quite a lot, be it crap, my thought, personal stories and so on.

I won't say my holiday is boring, despite that I keep on carrying on the same routine: wake up at 12 or 1 pm, having lunch, staring at laptop (online & O2Jam), watching TV (some Singaporean dramas), laptop again, back in bedroom with my dear brothers around 12am, yelling and spanking one another, and finally sleeping at 4am. These are things that keep me occupied day by day and they are not boring, at all. :)

*Yi Herng, I am still trying to wake up early. Break my promise that day. *paiseh*

Anyhow, I just could not find something to post about though. Nevertheless, if I don't update my blog, feel that something is missing. Need inspiration. No, I won't stop blogging yet. The post title is just a hook. It works, it is not?

#2: Reverse, Accelerate, Brake, Parking
It has been a week now ever since I start to learn driving. Yet to drive on big road with other cars. Mom says since our car does not have second brake, so better not to. Plan to practice in the middle of night where no much cars but melatonin keeps on making me drowsy. Where is it when I need it so badly when I want to sleep?

At the moment, I am practicing to reverse and park. Sound like easy task but the pedals really get on my nerves, especially the clutch. I always forget to release it. My car is always static in the beginning.

This is my dad's Matrix car, the previous picture I get somewhere from internet. This is the real car that I used to practice driving.

UTP sticker :)

By the way, people, this is my house. Easy to recognise if you feel want to come during your visit to Bintulu. I am just saying, not necessary to come.

#3 I am dying to playing THE SIMS 3!

Yes, I am really desperate at the moment to play this game. Has been released since 2nd June. Everyone starts to play the game except the pathetic me. Need it so badly right now.
Back in Foundation First Semester, I am so, so addicted in playing The Sims 2. It is kind of fun to see the character that you control grows in front of your eyes, virtually.

Start from an infant...

to become a child

then, a teenager madly in love

Grow up, has a job, settle down and has his own

and this process goes on..

This is only small part of it. It fascinates me. It has been long time I didn't play since I cannot install the expansion packs.

But now, I am having "The Sims 3 Desperado Syndrome". Need help!


... said...

im coming in july....better learn how to drive on the big road. haha

Steward Baba said...

You can drive, if you dare. :D

eric mc said...

how come your dad's car has penang number plate... haha

Steward Baba said...

When my family was in Kedah 10 years ago, my dad bought car there, at Butterworth to be exact. Then, dad bought a new car here in Sarawak, he wants to reserve the car plate. That's why it is there. :)