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Monday, June 8, 2009

Learn Driving from Mom

Yet to get my official legal license, I have been begging my mom since the beginning of my semester break to teach me to drive, well, at least the basic of driving. In fact, I have been asking since last year. Eventually, my mom agreed. My lesson has started yesterday and today is the second day. I would say so far everything is fun and exciting. And, it is a bit scary too.

Since this is not an official lesson, we choose the zone which is police-free, obviously. For Bintulu people, we have an abandoned old airport near to the town in which the building is no longer be seen. But, the thing that still remains is the runway, a very wide long runway. Some others seem to be there to practice driving as well.

After familiarizing with the gears and pedals, we started to get the car moving. It looks easy when I saw mom demonstrated but not when it came to my turn. Just realize that I have to be real alert. Out of the three pedals, the most problematic for me to get to use to it is the clutch. Every time I changed gear, I always forget to release it (since we have to press it while changing gear) and so, the car hardly moves even with the accelerator is being pressed. And the sound of engine “drooms” scares me every time when I press the accelerator too hard (which I think is too hard). Still a beginner anyway. Now I am just practicing on the runway with hardly any cars. Yet to get driving on the big road yet. Well, just 2 days, it won’t be that fast, eh?

Another thing, I am practicing using my dad’s Matrix car, quite a big car. Everyone started using “Kancil”.

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