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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I want to be a teacher

I was tagged by the Chemistry King of my batch, none other than Yi Herng. Well, that is what his high school friends call him. We just merely continue the tradition.

1. What is your ambition? And you ended up with what field now?

My ambition is to become a teacher, teaching Mathematics (or may be Chemistry) to be exact. Now I am taking Chemical Engineering. I believe things happen for reasons. This is not my dream course but something good may come out from it.

2. Do you think that girls and boys can be best friends forever?

Yes. However, I do believe close boy-girl friends cannot be lovers. They just, can't.

3. What type of girl/guy do you like?

No idea. They say love is a powerful and funny thing. I may like her despite of all the weaknesses that she may have. Well, I don't demand more but just hope for an understanding and thoughtful partner.

4. How about physical appearance? Honestly la..

Erm, cannot judge a person from his or her look. Perhaps someone who may have couple-look when we become one. xD

5. Do you ever have any encounter with Police or any Authorities (guards)?

UTP has a lot of guards. See them everyday. -.-"

6. Do you ever 'belanja kopi'?

Ada kesalahan tatabahasa ni sebab kalau ditafsir, lain maksudnya.Belanja kawan ada juga lah. Kopi, apa yang mahu dibelanja?

7. Do you ever cheat people? Why?

Guess no. I think.

8. Name 3 persons you don't like. (not hate):

(i) Change minds at the last minute
(ii) Procastinate
(iii) Insensitive
Luckily, I don't keep anger for long. So, I don't have the habit of don't like people. Well, at least that is what I am trying to do now.

9. View on friendships?

Friendship has a wide spectra of perspectives. I don't believe in best friends (for now) but I have close and special friends that I have my own definition. I believe that friendship is not about spending time together. It is all about care and appreciate one another.

10. Believe in love?

Yes. There are always love around.

11. Who is your 1st love?

Hmm... nobody. If talk about family love, it is my parents, and I do love them. Just that I don't have love of my own, yet.

12. How do you describe yourself?

(self-absorbed question) I would say I am lazy and do things last minute (try to change this). I just plan things sometimes but never get them done, timetable for study week is a very good example. Good side of me, what do you say? (if I have any)

13. Ever hate a person? Why?

At particular instant, may be yes but no.

14. Do you do house chores at home?

Mom is going to yell at me if I don't.

15. What's your current nickname?

Friends start to call me "Baba" now, in which only my family can call me that actually. Can only be called by those who have close relationship with me.

16. What is your main principle in life?

Things happen for reason so just go with the flow and don't ever look back. And, don't let ignorance and blindness hinder great things to happen to you. =)

17. What is the proudest thing that happened in your life?

When my family is proud of me. :)

18. What is your most satisfied achievement?

Hmm... get into UTP?

19. What is the thing that you regret the most in your life?

Being ignorant and blind. I almost lose the most precious thing in my life.

20. Did you take any initiative to make up your regretness?

Thanks to STE. I start to appreciate things even more.

21. What is your happiest moment in life?

Being at home with family. Hanging out with friends.

22. What will you do, if you are doing a thing that is not good to a person, and that person happens to find out and sort of caught you 'red-handed'?

I don't do such thing, even I detest the person. :)

23. The person that changed you.

I would say there are three persons in my life that change me, to become a better man I am now. :)

24. The incident that changed your life.

Get to pursue studies in UTP. Not the academic matter but more to relationship with others.

25. What's your plan now?

Finish my studies, get a job and settle down. Haha.

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