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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Half Way There

Exactly one month I am homed now. I have been busy with stuff lately. Only God knows what it is. May not busy with Uni stuff, yet but I still have the responsibilty of being the eldest and as a son at home: tidying up the room, sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, cleaning dogs' poo, observing my youngest to have his homework done (he is so addicted to computer games, I tell you, until a point that he pushes me away when I try to stop him -.-") et cetera.

Well, I do online everyday, but most of the time I am in Facebook, playing Restaurant City. Plus, more and more schoolmates are using Facebook now. Facebook is getting popular, I see. Guess more people realise Facebook is a better tool to stay in touch if to compare with Friendster. I am not sure about My Space, Hi5, Tagged and others. Even Reader Digest keeps on mentioning Facebook and also Twitter. E! has always broadcasted news the Hollywood celebrities are using Twitter. Have the account but I have no idea the fun of it. That's why I plurk.

Last few days have been eating out quite often. Went to Pizza Hut, the most fancy fast food restaurant that you can find in this humble small town.
I think it is Mediterranean Chicken Pizza. New menu, I guess. It has been two months didn't go there. And also, craving for Starbucks, Secret Recipe and Big Apple at the moment, I am trying to gain weight. Seriously.

I have just installed Kapersky Antivirus: Complete Protection into my laptop. It is so protective that it even wants to block my laptop from connecting to internet using my USB modem. Overprotective. Anyway, good news for me: can play perfect game (yet) for O2Jam since my keyboard is fine now. Practising V3 (level 6) at the moment.

Update more later. :)

*Congratulation to my schoolmates who managed to get their places in respective Unis. All the best in your Uni life.
**Forgiving is about forgetting someone's trespasses and not hating them. Well, it is easy to say but not to do it.
***OMG! Someone reads my blog and even leaves comment. Better do something before he finds out! -.-"

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