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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day:
is not about Christmas Tree,
is not about Christmas Gift,
is not about Partying;
Christmas Day is about our newborn king, Jesus Christ,
who always loves us and protects us.
We shall devoted this day to Him,
expressing our love and gratitude for all the things that He has given to us.
Good or bad, up or down,
all these are the gifts and tests that God gives us
so that we can learn to be stronger and better,
day by day.
It is true that devil temptation is irresistible sometimes,
but all we can do is to try our very best to behave ourselves
and leave the rest to Him.
Everyone is a sinner, so am I.
Nevertheless, that is not an excuse for us to make God angry
for the bad things we have done,
either intentionally or otherwise,
in spite of His mercifulness towards us.
Must learn to be strong-willed in whatever we do.
Just my two cents.

Last but not least,


25 December has finally come to an end. Even so, the Christmas mood is still in the air. It has been quite a tiring day yesterday; cleaning the dishes, serving the guests, clearing up the stuff after the guest left... typical Christmas routine for me. Just to say, this was my third Christmas celebration since I was only baptized when I was 16. Still like a kid, pretty excited about it.

My handphone inbox was spammed with Christmas wishes from relatives, friends, and even stranger that I didn't know them. Anyway, thanks for all the wishes and Merry Christmas to you and your family too, wherever you are, and God bless you. For those who send me the Christmas card, my greatest thanks reach to you too. Really appreciate it.

What can I say about my celebration this year? Nothing much about it really though. Family and friends come and go, did some gathering, chit-chatting, catching up with one another since it was holidays season, a perfect time to fosfer our relationship. As for me, I get to meet with my high school friends in which I haven't met quite sometimes. Really miss them though. Well, someone seems to be never changed since the last time I met her. Good thing though. =)

After coming home for about 4 weeks now, I hardly can make sometime to watch TV, you know. So, yesterday, after doing all the stuff, finally can relax myself to watch some movies. It was Christmas day, so lots of Christmas movies were being broadcasted. There was one movie that really touched me, "Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus". It is kinda fiction yet reality kind of movie.

Well, basically, the movie is about Santa Claus is going to retired soon and his son, Nicholas is going to take over his post. But, there is a condition. He must get himself a Mrs. Claus to run the family business. So, all the way from North Pole, he goes to United States to find his wife-to-be and encounters a single working mom, Beth with a 7-year-old child, Jake. From there, their romance blossoms. There is one problem though; Beth doesn't believe in Santa Claus. How can Nicholas persuade Beth to be half of his heart? Enough description, watch it yourself if you have the chance. Pretty heart-warming, I must say. You may think it is a bit childish with all these Santa thing. It is just a movie, and it is not really about Santa. There are more things to be learnt from the movie.

Get this quote from the movie, somehow sounds like this:

Well, I guess that is about all my celebration for this year. Just to say, while I am posting this, more friends are coming. Posting this upstairs, loud music can be heard from downstairs. Guess everyone still enjoy the celebration.

I know it is kinda late,well,

p/s I cannot upload pictures that I wish to share with everyone here. I am not sure what's the problem is. Hope that this won't be permanent. Guess something is wrong with internet connection. Hope everything will get better soon.

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