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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friends 朋友

Received this email from my friend. Guess it should be forwarded to a girl. May be I am wrong. It is true for everyone, I think.


Typical friends: Will find you in the midnight to chat through BBS
Boyfriend: Saw you still online in BBS in the midnight, will ask you to offline.
Typical friends: He will ask you to skip doing your report or class, and going out to play
Boy friend: He will push you to finish your assignments, or discuss homework with you.
Typical friends: When you are ill, he will concern about you by saying nice words.
Boy friend: When you are ill, he will concern until you get irritated and forcing you to go to see doctor.
Typical friends: He will try to say nice things about you, then you will find he is good.
Boy friend: Whatever he says, everything is concern about you. But usually, he may sound like he is commanding you and you will wonder why he need to do that.
Typical friends: He will conform whatever you do, as long as you are happy.
Boy friend: He will judge you of what of you are doing, but you will think that he control you way too much.
Typical friends: He said that he will give you the greatest happiness that you ever had.
Boy friend: He can only guarantee that when both of you are together, that will be his happiest moment.

First and foremost, I hope that my translation is accurate as possible. It is harder than I thought eventhough I am used to learn Chinese back in primary school. Guess there is a difference between CHINESE and TRANSLATING. =.="

Second, I think this is also true for those being close friends of another. I mean, everyone can has lots of friends but only few of them can be your buddies, a guy who you can fully trust and close to. You won't expect him or her to let you down as both of you have faith on each other.

This is just my opinion. Guess life is too complicated to be defined absolutely as everyone has their own view of life. Not every concept works for everyone.

My piece of thought:
The best thing that you can do is to cherish everyone around you.
Don't let them down.
Before that, don't let you yourself down when life makes you down.
It does not worth a thing to be sad.
Cherish every moment.
You won't want to waste it for nothing.
So, just cheer up, ALWAYS!


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ahmike said...

yeah, true enough..

as for me, i believe couple are good and can be closed friend too. I am still searching though. Anyways, you are my friend =)