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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Sunday of the Year

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Looking at the clock,
View outside of the block.
Looking at the sun,
Thought that I am almost done,
Just realise today is the last one.

Okay, enough with the pointless introduction. Guess everyone knows that today is the last Sunday of the year. Time really flies, I mean, really flies. Another year is passing by again, and nothing could ever stop it. Looking at your watch, looking at that ticking second hand, no matter what, it will always go clockwise and will never be otherwise. Wonder if you get to realise, that single second can only occur once. It may strike again at the same spot for the next round and so on but it will never be the same as before as minutes have just passed by. Same goes for hours, days, months, and eventually a whole new year. Confused? Never mind, it is just me being long winded. (different story if you are using digital watch but the same concept is being applied)

Just to say, sometimes people tend not to appreciate the time they have. They waste their time for worthless things. They spend their time for useless stuff. In short, they don't feel grateful of their lives because they fail to see the purpose of their lives. They fail to enjoy their lives. They fail to see that life would have been so beautiful if they could cherish it.

Enough with this whole philosophy. I start to get confused myself of what I am writing.


I woke up very late today. Really late. Once I have opened my eyes, looked at my analog watch, it was already 11.00pm. It is normal for me during holidays. But, I noticed something odd. Different time was being displayed on my handphone. 14.30!! OMG! I went to my parents' room to have a look on their watch to verify the time. Guess I was really tired. Well, I hardly can sleep though last night. Things keep on running in and out of my mind.

Anyway, after preparing myself, have some lunch. Guests were still coming so I helped my parents out. Needless to say what I have to do. Just the usual stuff. One word says it all: CLEANING.

Watching Transformer that was being broadcasted. Until today, I still don't like the movie enough. Sue me. I don't know why. I like the robotic effect though but not the movie lines. To me, it is so fake and so like a movie. I mean, the way they act is not natural enough and always make me feel they are memorizing their lines, well, they are acting anyway. Not expressive enough. And some of the conversation, irritates me in which I think is so unnecessary. As I said, I only like the special effect which is more real. My opinion only, no hard feeling to those who like the movie. It is not that I hate it.

Attending Sunday Mass around 5pm. No much people because most of the families are still away for their holidays, I think. It is Holy Family Day, if I get that right and the priest was talking about educating the children. "Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya" is the word that he used in inculcating the discipline in young generations. And he also told that parents shall never curse their children if they are being rude or mischievous, because this will make them stay that way. Wondering why I am telling this? Well, just to share even though it is kinda common sense to everyone.

Home at 7.00pm.

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