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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflection of the Past

It's new year eve. One day to go 2008 will come to an end and it will be a whole new beginning of 2009. Wondering if I am ready for the upcoming new year. Not to say very excited about it though. It is more like I still cannot let it go.

2008 has been a wonderful year to me compared to my past years. I have gone through quite a lot in this very year. Lots of downside but not forgetting there were those happy moments too. Shall cheer those moments for the rest of my lives.

A Whole New Beginning
The beginning of 2008 marks the beginning of my life as a University student. Getting myself scholarship, sponsorship to be exact from PETRONAS to pursue my tertiary education in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS in Tronoh, Perak. Taking Chemical Engineering. A whole new learning environment for me.

And of course, get to know some new friends.

Sarawakians in UTP

Friends from Peninsular

Chinese New Year is Here!

Since I am not going back to my hometown for the celebration, I followed one friend of mine, Chua Wee Kheng, back to his home in Puchong, Selangor. My first time to have this celebration without family by my side.


It was mid semester break and I was finally home again after being away for 2 months. At the same time, it was about time to reveal the outcome of SPM. Not really satisfied with the result, but it has been a long story.

Received shocking news as well. My pet dog, "Hitam" died few days before the day I arrived. May his soul rest in peace.

Took this picture on the day I left for UTP

Can't believe this was the last time I met him.


Went to Penang with my friends, our very first trip. 3 days, 2 nights.

And this was the month that I have turned legally 18.

Nothing much happened around this month. This is because it was FINAL EXAM.

Oh ya! I signed up for Facebook since the end of this month.

Smile, Blessed, Approachable Gifted was born. It used to be "Sensual" if you still remember. Yes, I only started to have this blog since June. All the posts before month of June were created purely based on my memory, of what that I could have remembered.

Semester break.
So I went back to Bintulu and have a nice holidays with my family.

Just to tell, 1 June is the Gawai Dayak Festival for Iban folks but since I have booked my flight ticket on 10 June. So, I have missed the celebration. Hope that I can catch up with it next year.

Back to UTP. A whole new semester.

Genting Trip, the second trip of the batch. All of us have agreed to skip lectures on Friday just for this trip. Pretty bad, aren't we? Well, it has been so much fun!

Towards the end of the month, it was Mid Semester break. Guess what? I am going back home.

Reunion with Biological Family

We went to Kuching to meet with my biological family from my mother side. They haven't met like 30 years. It was a really REUNION for everyone to gather together for the first time.

Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, Parents

Us and Uncle

And first time to receive my

Just to say, this is also the month where lots of people in my life is having their birthdays. Plenty of dedication around this month.

It was the time for Final Exam again.

End of foundation, end of semester. Back to home again.

It has been a busy month for me. Not busy in terms of work or something, it is season greeting and it still is.
Kuching Trip
Christmas Day

Sooner after this, it will be new year celebration.


There are lots more of them actually other than listed here. Some, which I think shall remain as secrets of my own.

2008 has been a bless to me and I never regret of anything that I have done. I feel really grateful. All the events this year has been like a chain of scenario. Things could have been better if I am persistent enough to chase after my dream job but somehow, I do like the choice that I have made and never regret a bit of it. My life now is so beautiful with all the things that I get to experience, new friends that I get to meet. It has been a magical year. All these are simply irreplaceable and I won't want to trade this with anything else.

Hope the upcoming new year will be a promising one to me. With new challenges, hopes, dreams, spirit, I shall learn to conquer and to grow up.

Let us make a count down --- 2009


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