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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Magical Friendship

".......... Thanks for being such a good friend and my wish for this year is to be able to continue this friendship that has been so magical. And thanks for supporting me in everything I do. I really to appreciate to have a friend like you. Last but not least, cheers to our beautiful friendship....."

It has been a while since our last conversation. Even though we hardly get to see and communicate in real, I truly treasure the time we get to spend virtually. It like you are always there to accompany me.

I think I have forgotten to thank for being there for me for the last semester. You shared your stories and I shared mine. Good or bad, up or down, both of us have gone through. I could not thank you enough for the care when I was going through hard times. Thanks for your words that will always lift my spirit high, so that I can stand up again.

Since the day you have started your work, you are getting busy yet never fail to stay in touch, even though how late the mail reply may be. I don't really mind about it and you shall not ever feel guilty about it. I understand. How short, how late the mail can be, I am already happy enough.

Same wish for you, I really hope our magical friendship will last forever, no matter what it takes, I won't ever let go.

Thank you. ^_^

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