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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kuching Trip

It has been a tiring day after helping my mom to do last minute preparation for the upcoming Christmas celebration: sweeping the floor, cleaning the dishes,... guess that was about all, for today. There will be more tomorrow. Great!

Has been away from home to Kuching for one week to have our annual family vacation and of course, some shopping. Just reached home yesterday, around 9pm. It has been a long ride. Imagine Kuching city is 600 km away from Bintulu town. What a journey!

16 December
Have to wake up at 4.30am as we planned to depart at 5am. Malaysian culture, only started our journey at 6.00am. Managed to reach our grandparents' house at 3.00pm which is in Serian.

17 December
Went to Kota Samarahan to meet with our biological grandparents. If you have been reading my old posts, I have two grandparents from my mother side as she was adopted since she was an infant. Manage to find her real parents back in October, so my parents decided to bring my foster grandparents to meet them. This is their first time they meet each other once again after so many years has passed.

Biological & foster grandparents

18 December

Went to Lundu to attend our relatives' wedding there. The groom is an Iban and the bride is a Chinese. The function was held as if it was a Chinese wedding. Weird thing is, there was no cake cutting. This is my first time to attend such wedding, I mean, with no cake. Lots of singing though. And the crowd get high when Iban song was being sung. Well, this is simply because people started to dance with the rythm. This is typically seen in Iban folks' wedding dinner. Not break dance kind of stuff, mind you. Just some soft moves with simple movement. The famous one will be poco-poco, a popular dance from Indonesia.

Just an embedded video if you never heard of this dance before - Poco-poco

We stayed at Gunung Gading National Park's chalet there. It kind chills over there with all the mother nature around us. A good place to relax and sleep. Thought of taking more pictures outdoor but darn, it has been raining everyday since the day we started our trip. Raining, makes traveling so hard, especially outdoors.

View outside of our chalet

19 December
Back to Serian.

20 December
Went to Kuching and this is for real. I mean, having vacation in KUCHING, the cat city. We checked in Somerset Villa, apartmental-style hotel, I think for one night. The room is really luxurious enough for everyone to stay. Air-conditioned living room and bed room, fancy washroom with washing machine and dryer, plug in for shaver machine and heater, anything that you can imagine. RM330 per night, it has to be that luxurious. Another, it has free public WiFi there. I did bring my celcom broadband thingy along there though but I hardly can online for the last few days because my grandparents' area, Serian and Lundu are kinda out of coverage.

Thought of snapping some of the cat statues around the city but, IT WAS RAINING....
Guess this is good enough. ehi...

Resting ourselves for few hours, we went to tHe Spring to do some shopping, window shopping to be exact because the stuff there is quite expensive. Too branded to be afforded by us (excluding our accomodation).

Saw this BIG christmas tree

tHe Spring

We bought a new camera though. SONY Cyber-shot DSC-S730. I persuaded my mom to buy it in the first place because the old digital camera is a bit outdated. Still, my mom insisted me to bring the old camera back to Uni later. =.="

Just to say, the gadget sold here is quite cheap, in my opinion. Lots of computer stuff. If you are finding any add-on for your PC or laptop, guess you can come to this shop.

newly-bought camera

Went to Padini. Browsing through the clothes but I didn't buy anything. So, camwhore. XD
Quite nice, isn't it? =p

After buying Big Apple Donut and Starbucks, we left.

21 December
Woke up early in the morning. Guess what? To get myself a facial treatment. My first time to have such treatment with all those mask and stuff around my face. Feel like being pampered. Just lying there and people serve you. LOL. Actually, it is my cousin's workplace and she was the one doing the treatment for me. I was told that I have to have to facial treatment again as there were too much of blackheads and whiteheads. Really hate this thing! PIMPLES, GO AWAY!!!

Went to Sarawak Museum to look around.
The leftover building after the British colonization, and is reserved as museum. Nostalgic in a way, I must say. Reflection of the past.

Guess you all know we are not allowed to take photos in the museum. So, we only took photos outdoor. *no photos*

There is an Art Gallery nearby.
We snapped some photos there though. Lots of them and here are few of them.

Hope no one come and hunt me down after this... *spooky*

In the evening, we went to Boulevard. Finally, we were at the right place. The place we could spend our "green". Even so, I bought 2 shirts and 1 short which cost me RM123.45. Pretty accurate with the total. A sign of good shopper. haha... This time, I did the pay thingy, for myself only.

Back to Serian again.

22 December
This was the day we went home. Long journey again. Safely reached home around 9.00pm. One week has gone again.


~Jasmine~ said...

wow..nice holiday
hoped u enjoyed it
wanna wish u merry christmas too
God bless

Ripalo Cal said...

scary face u gt there. :P

Steward Baba said...

LOL. Which one? Camwhore one or the one with the "patung" thingy? keke..