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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am wondering if test 2 are meant to be screwed. Just done with my second test today and yeah, I screwed it up again, just like what happened yesterday. I have another 3 tests remaining and Final Exam comes in exactly 2 weeks time! Test has made the time passed by way much faster. Now, I am pushing those sides. Still, my mind is playing tricks on me.

I am seriously tired.
Tired of things that I have to do, not I want to do.
Tired of being blank. (quote from someone)
Tired of busy-ness that I know that I have a choice not to be in from the very beginning.
Tired of regretting.
Tired of sighing.
Tired of losing motivation.
Tired of questioning the objectives of what I am doing now.
Tired of wondering why I am now in UTP. Chemical Engineering is not really my interest in the first place.
Tired of making wrong options.
Tired of being tired.
This leads to exhaustion.

Talk to mum for nearly half an hour. Chat with someone.
All of them said, "Just look forward, what you have now is just temporary. Think of the future."
It is just so hard to hold on, sometimes.

Well, perhaps everyone will be having downside of their life. I am having mine now. lol
It has been a hard time and surely it will get tougher sooner. Guess that I need to do my best out of it.

So is everyone. Ganbatte yo~ =)
And, stay strong, too!


liangyi said...

was doing the same thing also. jz hang up my call to my mum.
nearly break down since i reached back utp on monday nite. and not dare to call my mum cz i dun want cry in the phone.
screw up a test is so easy, rite?
exhausted too. but trying to tell myself: dun think about the passed, work for the present, hope for the future.
**say is easier than DO**

Steward Baba said...

Haiz, yalor. So easy to plan, but execution is always a failure.

But, to think again, why cry for something is temporary? Over time, screwing up your test is just a VERY small part of life. So, shall really forward..

*trying to look forward* lol