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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hate this

Was studying and I am still studying Fluid Mechanics (but not right at this instant definitely) and I am so stressed up. Don't even understand a thing. Well, that is a bit exaggerating. I do but not when it comes to solve the problems. How come the questions are so complicated to comprehend? I scan through my tutorial questions and saw some unfamiliar terms which are not in the lecture notes (or may be I didn't revise my notes well enough, don't know, don't care). Textbook just makes things worst. Yeah, I read textbook. Just feel so insecure if I don't read it. But, it is so unnecessary and a waste of time. Come to think of it, it is not a waste of time. Wrong timing it is. Last minute. Pathetic, right? T.T

So gonna screw up the FM test later.
How I wish I can learn Maths and only Maths. Chemical engineer is not even my dream job because I don't really know what a chemical engineer does.

Lately, I detest a lot of people. There are so many persons in my wish-not-to-see list. Being too kind and considerate cause them to take thing for granted. Wish I could be a bit meaner, a bit less considerate, may be, I won't feel like this. Gosh, I feel so bad. Should have this feeling erased. Have problem tolerating and accepting others? I guess this is my problem. It is not used to be like this before. A sign of stress? I am not really sure.

Going to crunch my FM textbook and lecture notes, again. And ya, FACEBOOK! lol

*It has been a long while you didn't call. You are my de-stress-er! =)


在那角落。。。 said...

i will call u later.. don worry.. wakaka...

Steward Baba said...

lol, only call after I say "long time din call". Not sincere loh~