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Monday, October 19, 2009

Half Past Month

Look at the date. It is 19 October already. Half of the month has passed by. So fast. Another 12 days before this month ends. I am not ready yet to welcome the upcoming November! T.T

1. Introduction To Material Science (IMSE) Project - 21 Oct
2. IMSE Quiz - 22 Oct
3. Material & Energy Balance (MEB) Assignment - 23 Oct
4. IMSE Assignment - 23 Oct
5. Fluid Mechanics (FM) Report - 26 Oct
6. Engineering Graphics Project - 27 Oct
7. FM Test - 27 Oct
8. IMSE Test - 29 Oct
9. EG Test - 2 Nov
10. SPDS Test - 3 Nov

Yet to include MEB test. -.-"
This is the list that occupies in my planner at the moment before Final Exam commences. So wish to cross them out as soon as possible!

All the best people! Three more weeks to go.

*Damn the lab demo this morning. Just because you are GA does not mean what you say is always right. Is there anything wrong if I am checking e-learning? Do check properly before you say anything. You don't earn my respect for that.

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