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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Days Before Escapade

Although it is just a one-week break, some of us already whined how bored they are. Well, I have no comment for those staying in the campus throughout the closure period since they are stuck inside (I do heard some of them managed to sneak out though). Since I choose to go home, all the way to Bintulu, Sarawak, I would not say I am bored. It is not that I can go home as often as like some people. (I just left home 2 weeks ago; it is not even exactly 2 weeks in UTP yet!)

Before all the menace, I mean, the so-called freaky Friday which was on 31 July, the week was as hectic as I have to prepare stuff for upcoming events in which one of them supposed to be held today. Thanks to stupid H1N1 virus, it gets postponed, after all that dreadful last minute work. Just pray the event won’t get cancelled. Hope not. Plus, I was also responsible to take of English Language Club booth during MMK (29th-31st) for consecutive 3 days. The weather was horrible. No longer can succumb to the scorching heat, Wednesday night, I was down with fever. I dare not to go for doctor because I do believe I am not infected. After taking panadol, I was feeling better on the next day and continued with my duty as usual.


Perhaps due to lack of drinking water, fever strikes again but it was less severe. I am very optimistic that I am going to be alright. From other perspectives, I won’t want to affect those who get into contact with me for past few days. So, I told myself, I am going to recover soon, no matter what. I won’t let myself get quarantined.

By the way, I am officially becoming a blood donor. I have the "sijil" to prove that I am. :)

Well, well. It was just another normal Friday (second Friday of the semester). After attending the only lecture, IMSE, I went to Pocket D to spend last moment of MMK. It was also the time when rumour started to spread like wildfire that UTP is going to close down on that very day. And so, in the end, it really CLOSED. Otherwise, I won’t be somewhere on the island of Borneo now.

Everyone kept on pushing one another to leave immediately. To be frank, I felt reluctant to follow them. I mean, it was too rush to go, just like that. At some point, I almost choose to stay. Just stay in campus. Eventually, we went to Taman Maju to take our bus to KL. Those who followed were me, Graham, Kerry, Michael, Chua, Jonathan and Sze Mei. Mind to tell you, I only made the last minute decision to fly home while waiting at the bus station. I called my mom almost immediately. While the bus departed, my mom told me she has confirmed the flight ticket. YES, I AM GOING HOME!

Upon reaching KL, we put our stuff at KL Central first and headed our way to Mid Valley Megamall. I would always pass by KL every time I went home but I never like really drop by at the city, even just for a while except for KL Central, obviously. Anyway, we went to have our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. It was my first time to go there. It is all about fish, and so it’s name of the franchise. I ordered Manhattan Fish & Chips and Graham tried to fool me to squeeze the tomato all over it. Thanks to Jonathan, it was his treat. =)

Manhattan Fish Market

Fish & Chip (not bad)

Later, Chua and Michael went to KL Central, I think as they have to meet up with Michael’s girlfriend. Her name is Su Fang, if I am not mistaken. As the rest of us, we hanged out around the endless mall while waiting for the time to pass.

Graham, Chin, and RM16.90 ice-cream

It was 10.00pm and Chua’s dad is going to pick them up soon, somewhere at Kelana Jaya. Graham, Kerry and I were spending the whole night at McD. It was around that time that I get to check the official announcement regarding the closure of UTP.

I need to return the room key and have to go back before 5pm for health screening.

I didn’t return my key and I won’t make it for the health screening since I only fly back on Sunday afternoon.

And so, I decided to email rector about this. Glad to receive his reply few days later.

Taking the earliest bus to LCCT, and so we waited, again. Graham and Kerry left at 7.10am and mine was at 9.05am. Two hours after that I am home. :)

End of escapade.


... said...

graham's a nice guy. u make him sound so bad in this post. hnahnahjajhajhahahahahaha

Steward Baba said...

Hoho... I din mean to make him sound like a bad guy. He is a funny guy.. =)

laila lar said...

wahh, bes nyer boleh balik sarawak..
and u arrived home earlier than me!

Steward Baba said...

oh yakah?
rumah you kat mane?

WK Chua said...

Great post, though graham look like a zombie in the pic haha.I love your new header :D

Steward Baba said...

lol.. din notice. i just upload for the sake of uploading. :D


laila lar said...

dekat selangor je pon.
tp xde tket.smpi lg lewat dr org sarawak plak.huhuhu.

Steward Baba said...

haha.. ticket flight takkan cepat habis macam tiket bas. lol