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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Before Ramadhan Begins

It has been busy week for me ever since the week started. Labs on Monday, hectic Tuesday, Public Speaking workshop on Wednesday; but nothing was on Thursday and Friday, it is just that I am lazy to type posts lately. I need time to sleep. Need sleep desperately. And so, sleeping time is over. Now it is about time to back in assignment mode. Lots of assignments, have to say.

I am not sure what to update in this post. Need inspiration to keep this blog alive. Alright, let begins with Monday.

Attending my first Fluid Mechanics Lab. My experiment was about Fluid Mixing in which I have totally no idea what is it all about since our lecturer has not covered the topic yet, or will he? I mean, I am not sure whether this is part of the syllabus or not. And “Oh My God”, the experiment was damn boring! A bad start for first experiment. All we did were just sitting there and looking at beads spiralling in the water. Plus, it consists of 6 sub-experiment and each of them need to repeat few times to get different reading. Well, supposedly to be like that since 4 hours are allocated for the lab. But, my eyes were damn sleepy. (Remember, I typed PETRONAS Twin Tower post on the same day, 5.00am). We sort of persuading the lab demo (kind of lousy demo, didn’t get his intention) to skip some. Some of the results would be only smart guesses. Report? Have 2 weeks to complete it, mind about it later.

Class started at 8am and ended at 4pm, with 2 hours gap in between. When night falls, I have rehearsal for Public Speaking Workshop at 8.00pm. Done with the rehearsal, I have to attend English Language Club Meeting at 10.00pm and it lasts until 12.30pm. Long day. And, it was Chua's Birthday. :)

Finally, Public Speaking Workshop was held. I would say it is a success as we managed to attract more than 100 students to attend the event. As a Ceremony and Protocol Committee, I am glad that everything went smoothly with hardly any unnecessary problem.

Typical class hours with impromptu meetings and task. Always in on-call status, sort of.

Life has been getting hectic lately with all those works, be it academic or events. Not complaining, have to say, enjoyed this kind of busy-ness because when it comes to working world, things will be worst than this, that’s for sure. I take these all as training for my future’s sake. Sound like a prospect but really, experience does matter, not only your first-class honour degree scroll.

Something personal rolls in: Thursday night, I was a bit emotional. Doubt pouring in and I was overwhelmed until certain extend that I could cry my heart out but no, I didn’t. Bad habit, hard to erase. Negative thought, negative minds. I may always put smiley faces there but it does not really means that I am in happy mood all the time. Everyone has their emotional side. There is nothing wrong for a guy to express his emotion. Oh please la, man! Don’t be so ego.

In the end, things are actually okay. It is just that me think too much. I should have known. Perhaps the feeling of loneliness hits its peak right at that particular moment. And also, missing you. :)

For the weekends, I will be dealing with my ELC matter: Recruitment Drive and Book Fair rehearsal. My dedication and commitment, is all for the club. Screw those harsh comments about our club, no club is perfect anyway. :)

Till here for now. Stay tuned.

*Either you are here or not, it does not really make difference anymore, unfortunately because I truly realize who I really care most about.
**Should have appreciated the old times after doing flash back. Hope that I am not too late.
***I know, posts without pictures are dull and boring.

Wish all my Muslim friends

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