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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Okay Restart

How much I expect it to be a good start for the day, it never turned out as I want it to be, unfortunately.

Anyway, this issue should have been settled last week but due to the unforeseen circumstance, everything is delayed. Suppose to be having my first Fluid Mechanics Lab today but the timing clashes with my Engineering Graphics class which will be in the evening. So, I have decided to go for the morning slot. And so, our "hot" FM lecturer appeared and clear things up. I will only have my lab session next week. Woke up early for nothing, except for laundry. I don't really bother waking up early although I went to bed quite late last night, deprived of sleep. It is a good habit to wake up early. No more waking up in the afternoon. Erase this habit out of me is a must.

Hard to fall into sleep when back into my room despite my eyes were heavy. My laptop somehow just kept me awake. Doing last minute EG work (manual drawing really gets on my nerve!), Facebook-ing and of course, "The Sims 3"-ing, my new past time routine, for now. Not so addicted to the game, yet. I still can refrain myself from playing too much of it.

Engineering Graphics class for today was interesting where we started to use AutoCAD (or AutoDesk). Just introduction of drawing straight lines, circles and all. Oh well, it is way better than manual drawing anyway. But, stupid DELL desktop at block 2, it gets lagged when I want to save the file into my pendrive and then, it was sort of, "dead". Need to restart the computer and redraw! -.-"
Restart everything, huh?

Went jogging with Chua at 6pm. It has been months that I didn't jog and I think my stamina has degraded. Felt tired after running for 2 rounds around the football field. A sign that I need to jog more.

Basically, this is how my first day goes. Lame and typical but what makes it different is, well, it feels like first day of semester, again. haha

A little announcement or information for my readers:
Words or sentence with asterisk (*) that I usually end my post is something like post-script a.k.a PS. I think it is pretty obvious. But, to be specific, it is usually random thought that suddenly pop into my mind, a bit of my philosophy or view or certain things.

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