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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunway Pyramid & PETRONAS Twin Tower

Perhaps some of you know that I have spent my last weekend at Kuala Lumpur and I just reached UTP around 5 hours ago. Cannot have my work done during the two days off but I did enjoy the time I get to spend with my parents. My parents are in KL for my dad’s 20 years service award with PETRONAS. The ceremony will be held this morning. I cannot attend the ceremony anyway as only staffs are allowed.

I departed on Saturday morning, using 9am bus from Taman Maju. Thanks to Calvin for his willingness to fetch me there, despite he was just back from clubbing. Since my parents would only reach at KL around 5pm, I have contacted Chrispian to meet him up to spend the day. Have to admit, I miss him a lot. It has been more than one year didn’t get to see him ever since the end of Foundation First Semester. It is still fresh in my mind, the last day when he left UTP right after final exam. Nostalgia.

After putting my luggage at KL Central, I used KTM to Setia Jaya as he directed to get to his place. Waiting at the entrance of the station, a familiar figure appeared. Still can recognize him from afar, from the way he walks. Nothing has changed. =)
Except for the red spots on his face, it has worsened. Curse the bad air quality in KL.

Went to have lunch at Indonesian stall near to his apartment and get to meet his Indonesia friends there. Indonesians those I get to see there are so different than those in UTP. Here, they are so similar to local Malays; there, they look like Chinese. New exposures for know-nothing guy like me, perhaps.

After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid to hang out. First thing was we went to watch movie. Not G.I Joe. Not Harry Potter. We were watching District 9, a movie that I hardly hear about. It is more or less like a documentary but it is fictitious. It is about the invasion of foreign creatures from outer space (aliens, in another word) onto our planet earth. The whole movie was okay but I just can’t stand the graphic scenes. The people died so disgustingly, crushed into pieces right in front of your eyes. Eww...

When the movie has ended, it was already 6pm in which I suppose to meet my parents at KL Central to go to the hotel that we would be staying. Instead, I called them that I would go there myself later on and so, Chrispian and I continued to walk around the mall. Do some window shopping. Limited budget, although it is mega sale, still hardly afford anything. Comes to dinner, we went to Korean Restaurant somewhere at Asian Avenue. Ordered Ramen On Fire and it was spicily hot. Tried Korean tea and it tasted burnt. It was around 10pm and it was about time to leave to catch up the last KTM. Before that, Chrispian showed his college around, only ground floor where all the kitchens are located for him to have his cooking class. And it’s farewell time. It’s hard to say goodbye after not seeing each other for so long but we will definitely meet up again. =)

Next day, which was Sunday, my dad went for his rehearsal. My mom and I planned to walk around the city with some of her friends. She expected me to be the tour guide since they didn’t really get used to Monorail and all, fancy technology which can only be found in KL. Berjaya Times Square was our first stop. I wonder how many shops that my mom has entered to look for her shoes. Four, five or may be six, may be more but still didn’t buy anything. I was following her, all the way. Tired but what to do, I have always followed my mom. :)

The highlight of the day would be the visit to Sky Bridge of PETRONAS Twin Tower. It is an eye-opening experience to be in one of the wonders in the costruction. The iconic building may lose his title to be the tallest building in the world, but it is still the tallest TWIN building in the world.

Alright, just let the pictures do the talking.

View from afar

View from the side

View from down below

(While waiting for lift)
mommy and daddy

mommy and me

View of Sky Bridge from 40th floor

View inside of the bridge

me and mommy in the bridge

View from Sky Bridge. haze... -.-"

Side of the bridge

Look up!

All the way down.

Me, mommy, daddy, uncle, auntie

The tour ended around 6pm.

Did our final shopping spree of the day at SOGO, I was ready to get back to campus by using 10.30 bus from Puduraya. While leaving, the situation was a bit overwhelmed by emotion. As the bus departed, familiar liquid drops and right after that, I texted my parents that I miss them already.

So now, I am in UTP, again.

*Happy moment passed by very fast. Wish it could be longer but the short moment means a lot. It is true when you are with your beloved and special ones. ^.^

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