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Friday, August 7, 2009

H1N1, Hot, Haze!

Everything is started with H1N1. Initially, the news only reported first few confirmed cases in Malaysia. Then, this number multiplied until recently, death cases were being reported. The outbreak is getting contagious and deadly. The epidemic stupid virus causes schools, higher institutions and even some companies to be closed. Our nightmares used to be coxsackie, SARS, HFM, and the list goes on. What’s next?

And, haze is back! Well, as far as I am concerned, there is always haze in KL. When I was flying home that day and the plane was about to land, surprisingly, I was unable to see what is down below. I mean, it was all covered by thick haze. I could not see a thing! LNG plants, tankers, my little hometown, are not visible like it used to be. The haze is so bad, even at night you can notice it until today. Still could see people do open burning despite of the hot weather. Oh people, wake up! Are they blind or what?

It has not been raining ever since I came home. What is wrong here? We have haze, but no rain to wash them away. Some more, the weather is insanely hot. It is so hot, until a certain extent that we would be having water crisis and everyone will be buying bottles of mineral waters, for bathing! Dramatic but it is my dream.

Contagious and now deadly H1N1;
Insanely hot weather;
Freaking thick haze!

It is not even 2012 yet!


*Some people get things but they may not really want it.
Some people want things, but they may not really get it.

People will never know the journey that you have to go through.
That is why unfairness always exists.
Learn to live with it.

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world ending on 2012. u think the earth will jz explode on 2012 causing a supernova or something?? it will slowly deteriorate. life forms on earth will no longer be enjoying the pleasant days of the past. beware. start buying and stocking up on mineral water. you never know when it might run out. 2012 nears. don't ignore it. enjoy the remaining few years.